Make a living teaching what you love

Become an instructor and join the cohort-based revolution. Build your brand as the go-to-expert and strengthen your community.

Why become a VarsityScape Academy Instructor?

Apply to become a VarsityScape Academy instructor so that you can enjoy all the benefits it comes with.

Choose your work hours. Teach online.

All VarsityScape Academy classes are conducted online. This gives our instructors the freedom to choose their tutoring schedule.

Get certified as an instructor.

Applicants follow the due selection process and successful instructors are certified. Apply and start your teaching journey in as fast as 10 days.

Build your community

Build your community and establish yourself as a thought expert in your niche.

Faculties and Specialty Areas

Apply to teach cohorts in any of the following faculties (categories of learning).

Preparatory Faculty

Visual and Performing Arts


Data Science and ML

Data Security


Design and Photography

Fashion and Beauty


Health and Fitness



Software Development

Instructor Requirements

We want to make sure that you can cope as an online instructor. As a result, we require the following.

Flexible schedules with free evenings

Most of our tutoring hours are from 4 pm to 8 pm. Please make sure that you are free during these times.

Good communication skill and charisma

We require that instructors can communicate their ideas clearly and without ambiguity or obscurity.

High Internet Speed

 You need a minimum 20Mbps Internet Connection and 1GB of daily data subscription.

Modern PC

We require that your laptop or PC have a microphone and camera. Earphones will further enhance your classroom experience.

Application Process

Due thought is put into the selection process. Please make it easier for us by showing us how awesome you are.

Fill the Application Form Below (100%)

Telephone Interview (Top 20%)

Live Demo Class (Top 10%)

Technical Check (Top 2%)

Training and Certification (Top 1%)

Application Form

By filling the form below, you agree that the information provided belongs to you and is accurate.


Most frequent questions and answers about the instructor accounts.

We are an online platform and we do not do physical classes. We want our teachers to maximize their earnings while having the convenience to choose their schedule.

Please contact us if you think we have made a mistake and we will tell you why we decided the way we did. If you have more documents or tangible results to show your qualification, you can present it too. Otherwise, you can boost your qualification and apply again.

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