Run your cohort-based institution smarter with VarsityScape

VarsityScape makes it easier for active cohort-based online learning communities to thrive in one place.

A platform that is truly yours

We deliver a productive live learning experience for both the students and the instructors.

All in one place

No need for all the busy work across multiple platforms. Manage on-demand content and live classes all from one place.

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On-demand content

Allow students the freedom to enjoy on-demand content and manage their flexible calendar with deadlines and rewards to drive engagement.

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Live sessions

Engage your community in live sessions. Automatically add these sessions to your calendar.

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Get rid of emails. Keep your conversation in one place. Add organised private and group conversation to boost the learning experience.

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Alumni subscriptions

Learning does not end when cohorts do. Subscriptions keep the connection to project work, job opportunities, ongoing support for your community.

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Design your cohort-based learning workspace to match your brand. That way your students can have a unified experience.

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VarsityScape integrates with all your favourite tools to give you a seamless experience. We will continue to publish more integrations as they become available.

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The VarsityScape App

Learn the necessary skills to keep you on top!

We built a product that we use

We understand what it takes to make the live learning experience seamless because we have been and still are on this journey with you.
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Who we are building for

Our inspiration

VarsityScape Academy

The VarsityScape Academy hosts online cohort-based learning sessions from renowned instructors around the world. You can apply to become a VarsityScape Academy instructor.

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Online training institutions and other CBCs

Full-fledged online universities can take advantage of the VarsityScape solution for institutions to run their cohort-based programme.

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Accelerators can organise both on-demand content and live sessions from one place. We are also looking to support integration with other tools.

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