Grow your business, career, or hobby in cohorts.

Learn from experts and professionals in cohort-based live sessions. Learn together in a community.

Cohort-based learning

Exploring the new way to learn. Learn in cohorts with your peers. Get direct contact with the instructor, ask questions and collaborate with a vibrant community of learners.

VarsityScape is an online university of in-demand skills that trains you in specific professional career paths that will help you find a job or start your own business.

Gain in-demand skills

Learn the most practical and applicable skills from professionals. Get started on a new career, find a job by enrolling in the VarsityScape Academy. Acquire the skills you need to make a living on your own terms.

Live sessions with experts

Connect with and learn from experienced experts from anywhere. Learn the skills, frameworks, and tools required to influence at all levels you need to kickstart your business and accelerate your career.

Project-based learning

Learn by building projects and solving real cases.  Get step-by-step guidelines that you’ll directly apply to your work. Network of like-minded people to learn with and get unbiased support from. Discover the tools and support you need to keep you on track.

Create an account

Download the VarsityScape mobile app on the Play Store or App Store to get started. Create an account under 1 minute in 3 simple steps.

Subscribe to faculties

Subscribe to faculties to get cohort recommendations based on your preference.

Purchase credits

To enrol into cohorts, you might need credits. Purchase credits in your local currency via in-app purchase.

Enrol into cohorts

Enrol into cohorts to get access to live sessions and study resources from our seasoned experts and professionals.

Chat privately and in cohorts

You can send a private message to users on the platform or start a thread within a cohort.

Make a living teaching what you love.

Sign up to become an instructor on VarsityScape.

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VarsityScape is an online university of in-demand skills for people looking to up-skill in order to change their career, secure a job, or start a business.

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