The VarsityScape Solution

We deliver a productive live learning experience for both the students and the instructors.

Since the inception of VarsityScape, we have been committed to making education accessible to students everywhere.

First, we created an online network that brought students together from various institutions of higher education, giving them the opportunity to share academic resources, information and even advertise possessions for sale.

This network also made it possible for instructors to create and sell courses to our university students. Through this platform, we reached out to 15000+ students in different institutions of higher learning.

As time went on, we realised a growing need for certain skills in the labor market. In order to make sure students are prepared to begin their careers, we developed the VarsityScape Academy- an online university of in-demand skills. Focusing on business skills, we conducted classes for registered students with the aid of Zoom, Google Meet and Slack.

This experience brought to light another long-overlooked need. Moving from application to application posed a measure of difficulty to both students and instructors. That was when we decided to create a platform that would integrate all learning tools into one.

All functions from communication to live and recorded classes would be carried out seamlessly on one platform. This would allow us to not just serve learners, but create a better teaching experience for other education providers.

While taking on different forms, our initial intent and commitment have not fazed. Now, with our interactive, unified platform, we are making learning and teaching easier for instructors and students alike.

Our Core Values


We are always open to partnering with teams and organisation that share a similar goal.


We do not seek to become heroes or stars, but work as one to achieve our shared goal.



Perfection is an iterative process, but at every stage, we give the very best we can.


Our desire to improve the online learning experience drives us towards constant idea generation and implementation


Here at VarsityScape, we like to keep things simple. This is what makes our platform easy to use.

Non-stop learning

Today’s world is fast-paced and ever-changing. At VarsityScape, we prepare ourselves for this with continuous learning and information seeking.


At VarsityScape, every innovation is born from a perception of need. We are focused customer satisfaction and we do this by providing exactly what necessary when it is necessary

Who we are building for

Our inspiration

VarsityScape Academy

The VarsityScape Academy hosts online cohort-based learning sessions from renowned instructors around the world. You can apply to become a VarsityScape Academy instructor.

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Accelerators can organise both on-demand content and live sessions from one place. We are also looking to support integration with other tools.

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Online training institutions and other CBCs

Full-fledged online universities can take advantage of the VarsityScape solution for institutions to run their cohort-based programme.

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The VarsityScape App

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