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Published: November 30, 2022.
By Daniel.

If you’ve ever attended or hosted an online class, then this is specifically for you.

It’s no longer news that the global online learning community is consistently shifting towards real-time manageable classes called ‘cohorts’ because of their obvious advantages backed up by statistics.

With cohorts, students complete their classes more often because they are studying in a closed community with fixed ‘start’ and ‘end’ dates and hence, are more likely to advance in their careers and reach their professional goals.

Since instructors can now be directly involved in the learning process and easily receive feedback, they are also able to build their confidence, stand out from other course creators and even earn more for their work.

Cohort-based classes, however, still have a lot of issues because it takes so much to set them up and instructors and learners can easily get discouraged by that extra friction.

They need to:

  • schedule classes (with calendar tools like Google/Apple Calendar);
  • host video calls (say Zoom, Google Meet);
  • organise community chats (with Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp);
  • process payments (bank transfers and receipt sharing as proof);
  • manage course content and build quizzes (WordPress websites or even Google Docs);
  • collect homework (send as emails or upload to Google Drive).

It’s all so stressful, isn’t it?

These tools are on multiple platforms and it can cost so much time, energy and money to hold one successful cohort-based course.

At VarsityScape, we are so obsessed with ease and functionality that we (literally) had sleepless nights putting together a solution that works perfectly for everyone involved in cohort-based classes.

Think students, instructors and independent learning institutions…

So here’s our solution:

An all-in-one platform where you can host live classes through video/audio calls, hold conversations with live chat features, assign and collaborate on projects, give and receive feedback and process payments all within the same ecosystem.

Pretty neat, right? Right.

With our ed-tech solution, active live learning communities can forget about the hassle of setting up and focus on what really matters to them— good old fluid teaching and learning.

For learners, it’s more than a refresh! The unmatched learning experience on VarsityScape launches them straight into a rewarding career after getting adequately prepared along with a community of like-minded ‘classmates’.

For instructors, what’s more exciting than all the necessary tools in one place? They can build a community of students who know and love their work. They no longer need to shuffle between apps to host live sessions, schedule calls, and organise peer discussions for projects.

Independent online institutions can also take advantage of the VarsityScape platform to manage their instructors and students. It’s even more wonderful since they get to personalise their workspace with fresh themes and integrate new plugins for added functionality.

Because of our commitment to learning at VarsityScape, we keep iterating and providing support to the communities hosted on our platform to ensure a learning experience that’s not only unforgettable but effective and result-oriented.

Who’s welcome to use VarsityScape?


We’re building for you, no matter what you do— whether you’re seeking to increase your knowledge base in any field or you have a wealth of experience you can’t wait to share with the world.

We’ve made it easy for students to navigate and find courses that align with their career goals, while instructors and institutions can easily migrate with their existing community for a seamless live learning experience.

It’s that easy.

Join the cohort-based revolution that’s about to change the world! Sign up on VarsityScape already.

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